Green Initiatives - NSTI Calicut


Green Initiatives - NSTI Calicut

1.Segregation of waste is arranged in the campus by providing different ins for disposing waste.

2.A fuel free incinerator of 25 kg/hour burning rate is operational in  the campus for biological waste disposal.

3.Kozhikode corporation has declared NSTI, Calicut as C Grade Green office.

4.The campus is beautified with full of planted trees and is situated on a green hill top.

5.4.5 KW Solar power plants are installed for training purpose and these plants contribute 18 KWh /day to the power requirement of the Institute.

6).2 Nos of Solar heaters of 500 L/day capacity each cater the need of hot water by the inmates.

7.The campus has no. of small ponds which attract variety of birds and animals



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