Reading Of Drawing and Arithmetic (RODA)

The Craft Instructor Training Scheme is operational since inception of the Craftsmen Training Scheme. The first Craft Instructor Training Institute was established in 1948. Subsequently, 6 more institutes namely, Central Training Institute for Instructors (now called as National Skill Training Institute (NSTI)), NSTI at Ludhiana, Kanpur, Howrah, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad were established in 1960 by DGT. Since then the CITS course is successfully running in all the NSTIs across India as well as in DGT affiliated institutes viz. Institutes for Training of Trainers (IToT). This is a competency based course for instructors of one year duration. “Reading of Drawing and Arithmetic (RoDA)” CITS trade is applicable for Instructors of “Workshop calculation Science and Engineering Drawing”of CTS Trades.

The main objective of Craft Instructor training program is to enable Instructors explore different aspects of the techniques in pedagogy and transferring of hands-on skills so as to develop a pool of skilled manpower for industries, also leading to their career growth & benefiting society at large. Thus promoting a holistic learning experience where trainee acquires specialized knowledge, skills & develops attitude towards learning & contributing in vocational training ecosystem.

This course also enables the instructors to develop instructional skills for mentoring the trainees, engaging all trainees in learning process and managing effective utilization of resources. It emphasizes on the importance of collaborative learning & innovative ways of doing things. All trainees will be able to understand and interpret the course content in right perspective, so that they are engaged in & empowered by their learning experiences and above all, ensure quality delivery.


One Year


Level 6



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description of job roles:

Manual Training Teacher/Craft Instructor; Instructs students in ITIs/Vocational Training Institutes in respective trades.Impartstheoretical instructions for the use of tools, mechanical drawings, blueprint reading and related subjects. Demonstrates processes and operations in the workshop; supervises, assesses and evaluates students in their practical work. Ensures availability & proper functioning of equipment & tools in stores.


Mr.Bijoy M K,Vocational Instructor



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